Private Dance Lessons

For those of you who are shy or just want to learn by yourself in a safe space.  Zarifa travels to your home so you feel more comfortable while learning.   She will teach you one on one guiding you on each muscle move and how to hold your body.  But most of all to have fun while learning.  Everyone learns different and has different needs.  You may want repetition in one area and move on faster in other areas.  These private session are designed for you to get more attention in the areas that you need, where you may become frustrated or discouraged in those areas in a class setting.  Price range from $35 – $65

Private lessons are for the beginner, intermediate and advance dance student.  Beginner student may want  to learn basic moves and how to train the mind and body.   The intermediate student may want to learn how to put moves together, or work with props like the sword or veil, or learn more travel moves with more eyes and hand work in routines. The advance student may want more fine tuning on how to perform at shows, event, or learn more challenging routines with props.  Call now to get your private lessons started.  619-303-1667